to the wonderful world of Deaf Culture.

“Deafhood acknowledges that ALL Deaf people embark on a journey towards deepening and refining their Deaf selves. Many are content to reside within the “boundaries” of existing Deaf cultures, yet some press on to stretch those boundaries”.

Paddy Ladd

Deaf Culture Council Queensland (DCCQ) is a consumer-driven organisation. DCCQ aims to represent Deaf and Hard of Hearing Queenslanders by advocating for their rights and entitlement to equal access that is enjoyed by the wider community.

DCCQ will focus on enabling the Queensland Deaf communities  such as Auslan users who are Deaf, deaf, hard of hearing, Deafblind, late deafened, Deaf indigenous to have a say in the decision-making processes by the local and state government  and various organisations.

DCCQ will also provide a place where deaf and hard of hearing people can gather to develop healthy mental well-being and embark on their Deafhood journey. The organisation will also provide short community education sessions about deaf-related topics such as Deaf culture, Deaf history, Deafhood, Deaf gain and Deaf ecosystem.

DCCQ also provide outlets but not limited to Deaf art, Deaf theatre, Deaf films, Deaf history, Deaf club and Deaf Festival.

You need to become a member of DCCQ to help support the organisation to achieve its objectives and mission. Individual membership is free and open to everyone. Watch video on left sidebar to understand why it is important to become a member. Associate membership is also available to any organisation supporting DCCQ's mission and vision.