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Our Projects

Youth Project

DCCQ Youth Project plans to  expand the possibilities and potential of young deaf people and children and support them in becoming optimistic about their future.

The project will aim to empower deaf youths to develop a stronger positive identity about being deaf in Queensland. It aims to teach young deaf people how to advocate for themselves, how to be confident leaders, and able to communicate with the wider community.

DCCQ believes that the presence of Deaf role models through social and leadership activities are crucial for the social and well-being of  a young deaf person as he/she grows up.  The role model will  inspire, guide and navigate  a deaf person through life, be a sounding board and act as a source of valuable support for young deaf people


Deaf Visual Heritage

This project aims to set up online archives to bring together films, photos and memories related to deaf people from Queensland and Australia.  The site will illustrate the range, richness and depth of the Deaf community and their history. It will not only be accessible but interactive, allowing visitors to comment on materials, provide additional information and even upload their own films and photos to the site.


Deaf Arts - Deaf Artists

There are many talented Deaf and hard of hearing artists in the wider community who have created works of art such as but not limited to the painting, photography, crafts, sculptures, animations, film making, drawing, sketching, poetry, literature, storytelling and theatre.

DCCQ also hosts competitions for art, storytelling, literature, film making and sign language poetry.

in future, DCCQ will include a separate page of  directory of deaf and hard of hearing artists. We aim to showcase their profiles and works on the website. If you wish to include your profile in the directory, please contact us.