Deaf Arts

There are many talented Deaf and hard of hearing artists in the wider community who have created works of art such as but not limited to the painting, photography, crafts, sculptures, animations, film making, drawing, sketching, poetry, literature, storytelling and theatre.

DCCQ also hosts competitions for art, storytelling, literature, film making and sign language poetry.

Deaf Arts - Opportunities

DCCQ intends to organise:

  • Deaf art competitions
  • Deaf storytelling competitions
  • Deaf theatre
  • Deaf Poet corner
  • Deaf Film Festival

DCCQ will include profiles and directory of deaf and hard of hearing artists to showcase them on the DCCQ website. If you wish to be included in the profile or directory please contact us.

Learn more link (coming soon) to the page that shows the profile of D/deaf and hard of hearing artists

artwork that express deaf culture or their experiences growing up in a hearing culture.
Deaf self-portraits – deaf person create self-portrait that reflects their personal life experiences and what it means to be Deaf or hard of hearing. Deaf self-portrait artist also explained the development of their self-portraits through Auslan video.
Animations created by deaf artists

Resources – a list of links related to Deaf Art and a separate directory of Deaf and hard of hearing artists


Artworks (painting and drawing)