What We Do

Deaf Club

Deaf Club is important to deaf communities as it is a space where deaf and hard of hearing people can meet to share knowledge, ideas and experiences. It is open to all deaf and hard of hearing people as well as CODAs. Hearing parents of deaf children and adults as well as hearing partners of deaf adults are welcome to attend.


Deaf Festival

What is Deaf Festival? Deaf Festival is a festival that celebrates our Deaf community, Deaf culture and Auslan. The bi-annual event allows everyone to get together and share a day of new experiences, to learn new things, to see old friends and to make new friends. This event is a excellent opportunity to network with businesses and organisations. It is open to everyone!



DCCQ aims to advocate for Deaf, deaf  and hard of hearing people with local and state governments, industry and service providers for improved access to all areas that affect Deaf people’s daily lives. We need your support to achieve this equality. You can support us by becoming a member of DCCQ. The membership is free. Click here to join.


Community Education

DCCQ will deliver short-term, non-accredited courses in Auslan to promote skill development such as general knowledge, deaf related topics such as Auslan linguistic understanding, Deafhood, Deaf Gain, Deaf ecosystem, Deaf history, audism, deaf rights and many other topics to develop awareness of one's journey as a deaf person. Depending on the topics, the workshops will have a specific audience in mind. 



DCCQ believes that every Deaf child has the right to bi-lingual education. For a Deaf child to reach his/her full potential, it is vital that the child, parents and siblings learn to communicate fluently in Auslan with each other. DCCQ plan to collaborate with education sectors ensuring school setting who uses Auslan in schools are trained and fluent with Auslan and bilingual pedagogy.